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Your horse needs a dental checkup just like you do.  Most horse owners know to have their horses teeth floated but many do not know what that means or what is involved. “Floating” is actually a term that comes from the construction trade where concrete is leveled or floated. For many, many years this was done with various types of hand files. Today, so much more is known about the anatomy and function of the horse’s mouth that there is now very specialized equipment and training specifically for equine dentistry. Many problems can be identified and corrected before they become painful and expensive. To find these problems requires a modern full mouth dental speculum, mild sedation, a very bright light source and a good dental mirror. It has to be pointed out that an adequate exam cannot be done by feel or without a light and speculum. Many horses have dental problems that go unnoticed because it is virtually impossible to adequately examine the mouth without proper sedation and equipment leading to unnecessary discomfort, weight loss, expense and poor performance. We offer the most advanced equipment in equine dentistry available. This allows us to thoroughly examine all dental structures and repair any irregularities that we find at the same time. We utilize the latest safe, short acting sedatives available so the experience no longer needs to be rough or traumatic for your horse.

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