Video Endoscopy

Video Endoscopy

Using small diameter flexible video endoscopes we are able to directly image many problem areas in the respiratory and gastrointestinal tract in a minimally invasive way. This allows us to diagnose problems such as airway noise, nose bleeds, nasal discharge, coughing, choke, gastric ulcers ect. The horse is mildly sedated and the endoscope is advanced through the nares. Everything is then completely visible on a bright LCD screen as well as digitally recorded for future evaluation. We have 6 endoscopes of variable sizes including a 9 foot long gastroscope to examine the stomach and proximal small intestine. Endoscopy is the only way to diagnose gastric ulcers and the only way to know if the treatment was successful or if further treatment is needed. Treatment with Gastrogard is expensive and should only be undertaken once an accurate diagnosis is made.


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