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Jax equine vets
Meet our staff
Equine Veterinary Technicians

At Jacksonville Equine Associates we provide state of the art care in an ambulatory setting. We have 3 highly trained Veterinarians who provide you and your horse with the most advanced diagnostics and treatments available. We will be introducing 2 more associates in 2024.   Our practice is dedicated to client service, client education, and maintaining a standard of excellence in veterinary medicine.  All of our veterinarians attend national equine veterinary conferences for continuing education.  We have a board certified internal medicine specialist on staff which allows us to provide the latest in diagnostic procedures and treatment. 


Jacksonville Equine is  also proud to be affiliated with the University of Florida College of Veterinary Medicine through the practice based Equine Clerkship program which allows us to instruct students and exchange information about current research. With that we can help you design a plan for all of your horses needs as well as using our years of  expertise to solve such problems  as lameness, respiratory issues, metabolic and endocrine disease, chronic gastrointestinal problems and neurological conditions.

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