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Jacksonville Equine’s clinical pathology service can perform the following in-house, hematology, chemistry, fluid analyses and cytology tests. Complete blood counts are measured on our Abaxis HM5 machine that is used in conjunction with the IDEXX catalyst one, that reads serum chemistries.  Although we have limited microbiology services we do have an incubator that allows us to grow bacteria from cultures to see what sort of infection we are dealing with and can tell us how best to treat it. We also have microscopes and staining kits that enable us to look at cytology slides. There are a few mobile handheld devices that help us run blood work stable side for instant results in case of an emergency. The Stablelab serum amyloid A, blood lactate and foal IgG. We do have a great working relationship with many referred laboratories for specific testing that we do not offer in house.

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