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Pre purchase exam


Why Get a Pre-Purchase Examination

Although no horse is perfect, a pre-purchase examination helps to evaluate a horse for any pre-existing conditions, as well as potential problems. This evaluation checks for any problems that could affect the soundness of a horse. Plus, it can determine if a horse has any problems that could affect the horse's suitability.


What to Expect During a Pre-Purchase Examination

Generally, we recommend both the buyer and seller be present for the exam to alleviate any conflicts.

During the examination, Our Veterinarians will observe your prospective horse in his or her stall. The doctor analyzes how the horse trots and walks. We also observes the horse's limb movement. This exam is a detailed systematic evaluation that can possibly include imaging like an ultrasound or radiograph.


We will assesses the overall condition of the horse, such as his or her weight and look for any issues that could affect the horse eating normally. We are able to estimate the true age of the horse through an oral exam as well. The doctor then evaluates the horse for signs of any previous surgeries or injuries. The doctor looks in the horse's eyes to assess his or her cornea, iris, and lens and visual acuity. The exam also includes listening to the horse's heart and lungs to check for cardiovascular and pulmonary issues, such as arrhythmias or possible asthma. Pre-purchase examinations are also a time to evaluate the horse's temperament.


Keep in mind, further testing may be necessary to complete the evaluation. There isn't a set pre-purchase examination that's standard for every horse. If you have specific requests or concerns please let us know before the exam. If you want to know about the care needed for any issues, we encourage you to inquire at this time. It's also the time to request any information about problems that you feel could be an issue. Additionally, for first-time buyers, feel free to ask any questions you have about the horse's care.


What the Results Mean

The results aren't a pass or fail. Even if one of our Veterinarians determines the horse has health problems or temperament issues, it doesn't mean the horse isn't able to be purchased. It is just information to help you make an informed decision.

The practitioner discusses the results with you and shares their findings in a detailed report. We can let you know if you should be concerned about any of the results. This assessment is merely for your benefit. It's so you can make a sound decision on if the horse fits your needs. You may want to write down any of the doctors suggestions and determine if you want to purchase the horse based on your list of pros and cons.


We will also send you a written report documenting all of our findings to help with your decision.

The pre-purchase evaluation assists you in making sure a horse can work for what you need and want him or her for. It can help you to determine if the price of the horse is right for you and could possibly identify issues that could cost you in the future. 







Download your Pre-Purchase forms here or go to the forms page, you can also request forms sent to you via DocuSign by calling our office. 




To learn more about our equine Pre-Purchase services, or to schedule an appointment, contact Jacksonville Equine Associates today at (904) 387-3330.

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